, a subsidiary of the Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) along with Air Transport Internationa (ATI), is the only known air cargo carrier that is transporting primates from China and South East Asia to research laboratories in the USA. So far this year ABX Air are known to have transported thousands of innocent animals to their deaths. However, transporting research primates is only a small part of ABX Air‘s business so in order to stop them we will need to extend the campaign to focus on other areas of their business in order to stop these primate flights.

ABX Air‘s main business is transporting cargo for DHL Express, the major international cargo company, and more than half of ABX Air‘s aircraft are painted with DHL‘s colours. DHL has the power to stop ABX Air‘s animal transports, considering they are responsible for over half of all of ABX Air‘s business, so we are demanding that DHL either use their  influence to force ABX Air to cease these animal transports or that they end their working relationship with ABX Air.

The horrific exploitation of animals in labs must end, and The Bunny Alliance is demanding that ABX AIR/ ATSG/ ATI and DHL take responsibility for their role in the torture of animals and end their relationship with the vivisection industry. Join us!